Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Vanessa Kimball


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Name Origin:
Kimball (English; Derived from the Welsh first name Cynbel meaning "chief war" or the Old English first name Cynebald meaning "royal boldness".)

Physical characteristics:
Vanessa is blond and tall.

Vanessa gives off an elegant air. She always behaves as if she is royalty. She liked to use people for her own desires and was not afraid to step on others to get what she wanted. This began to change after the vampire Reginald broke her heart. She secretly wanted to change her ways.

Known History:
Vanessa Kimball was of royal birth. She grew up with everything she wanted. The vampire lord Dominic Pratchet came into her life and wooed her. She became a vampire and willingly served him. Dominic named her Sovereign of the British Empire Covens. This means she became the head of the rich upper class vampires of London. Dominic did as he always does and left her.

After awhile she was bored, so she turned a group of spoiled upper class young men. They became known as the Rakes. Her personal servant and ghoul is named Chester.

Dominic constantly shifts from one empire to the next to keep an active eye on his subjects.  He returned and discovered the rowdy and frivolous Rakes and almost destroyed them but Vanessa made them swear an allegiance to him. They paid him many tributes of captured humans.

Vanessa fell in love with one of her Rakes, Reginald Worthing. He didn't feel the same way about her and used her to gain power among the Rakes and London's vampire society. Reginald fell in love with a call girl named Abigail Black and turned her. They ran away together and Vanessa's heart was broken.

She began to get second thoughts about her life and the corrupt things she did. When she met Annabelle Foresight and Thomas Dunston, two vampire children from America, she began to think on a major life change.


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