Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? The Palmer Orphans


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Known History:
In London, when the vampire Rake known as Ryan turned teacher Molly O' Connell, she was upset. She rejected him so he captured five of her students and turned them into vampires in thier sleep. Molly gathered them and escaped Ryan's clutches. She found an abandoned building in the heart of London where they could hide. She named their home the Palmer Orphanage after a famous vampire hunter. It was her way of rejecting their new life. Despite her feelings, Molly continued to teach the children what little she knew.

The American vampires Annabelle Foresight and Thomas Dunston were running from vampire hunter Hawke. They stumbled upon the orphanage and Molly gave them shelter. Annabelle and Thomas soon moved in with the orphans and eventually everyone relocated to Germany's Black Forest where they joined up with the Mullo vampire gypsy tribe.

Who they are:
Mary (Age 16)
Eric (Age 14)
Selina and Samuel (Age 10)
Charlotte (Age 7)

A knight who fought in the 2ndcrusades. Roxanna turned him and forced him to serve and defend her. He eventually rebelled and dedicated his life to hunting down the few vampires she turned after the Exodus War. He became one of the finest warriors of the Holy Order of the Vampyr. He fought valiantly but lost faith. He fought for England against Scotland in 1314 AD in the Battle of Bannockburn. He fell in love with a Scottish cleaning woman and retired in the hills of Scotland.
His legend impressed many vampires who wanted to be good but nevertheless served the vampire lord Domi out of fear. Molly O Connell used his name for her orphanage.


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