Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Seven: Present Day, Job Interview Part 4

“Wow.  Was Jack right?  Did you really work for President Roosevelt?”  Scott leaned forward with excitement.

“Yes.  A number of us were drafted into special service on December seventh of ’41 but that’s a story for another night.”

“What about all those people who saw you?  How come no one’s ever mentioned axis werewolves and allies vampires before?”

Annabelle smiled, “We mesmerized them.  Their memories were hazy.  They knew there was an attack from axis spies, but nothing more.”

He leaned back and gazed up at the sky.  “You’ve seen and done so much.  It’s a miracle you’ve survived it all.”

Annabelle calmly stroked the dog’s shaggy fur.  “That’s why it’s so important for you to write my story.  People must know what really happened in history, so they’re prepared for what’s coming.  Dominic has a powerful army at his disposal.”


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