Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Falabranwyn


Here is a cool pic from online. No clue what it is or who did it. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can give credit. There is no picture at this time of the Falabranwyn. Hopefully that will change someday.

Name Origin

Fala means crow in Native American. Branwen means beautiful raven in Welsh.


Physical characteristics:
All the Falabranwyn have the same physical characteristics. They have silky black hair and black eyes. They have a pale completion and thin bodies. They wear cloaks that seems to be made of black feathers. When in bird form they appear as crows or ravens, depending on their moods. Either way they become a black birds with eyes that seem almost human.
They tend to be quiet and reserved. The younger members of their species are not as quiet and make more mistakes. Most Falabranwyn give off an air of knowing more than those they advise or warn.

All Falabranwyn can shape-shift to appear as ravens or the larger crows. They have prophetic abilities as well, often receiving visions of future events. They don't all get the visions or dreams at once and some get more. The Falabranwyn can blend into the shadows and not be seen when they wish. They cannot be heard, seen, smelled if they want to disappear. They have no scent at all. This is a protection against vampires discovering them.

The Falabranwyn set themselves up as watchers and guardians of humankind long ago. In the Old Times there were many metamorphs (creatures that could change their shape at will). The Falabranwyn were one of the smarter, regal, prophetic and more organized of these species. 

At the end of what would be called the Exodus War all the mythical creatures left Earth for another world called Farnalla. The Falabranwyn volunteered to remain on Earth to keep guard in case Domi, Lord of the Dark Legions, escaped his other-dimensional prison and once again set foot on Earth. The collective consul of magical beings knew that two of Domi's followers, Roxana and Lucretia, had escaped during the war. The warlocks performed a permanent spell on the Falabranwyn so that vampires could not sense them. This would allow the Falabranwyn an edge against the vampires.

They control the dimensional gateways to the Dark Place, the other-dimensional world that serves as a prison.
The leader of the Falabranwyn is the Crow King. The first leader and father of their race was Alaric. He gave his life to end the Exodus War. On his death bed he gave the “Prophecy of the Younglings”.
His dying wish, Alaric tasked his subjects to watch for the prophesied younglings and prepare them for their duty.
Because of his final prophecy, the Falabranwyn always knew Domi would escape the Dark Place and sure enough he did. Ever since that time, the Falabranwyn have watched for the younglings. When Annabelle and Roland Foresight became vampires, the new Crow King Bolverk (Alaric's son) knew they were the prophesied younglings.




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