Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Hawke


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Full Name:
Ethan Hawke but he goes by his last name.

Physical characteristics:
He wears a trench coat loaded with specialized weapons as well as a belt and straps loaded with more weapons and ammunition. He has a long scar across his right eye thanks to the vampire Roland. Several other scars cover his body from many battles. He is missing two fingers on his left hand.

Hawke is gruff, vengeful, and angry. He is also very careful and calculating. To stay alive as long as he has, Hawke is always careful to watch his back and never stay in the same place twice. He has no scruples and is not above killing other humans to get at his prey.

Known History:
Ethan Hawke had a brother named Aaron. Aaron became obsessed with mythical and supernatural creatures after an incident when he was a child. He traveled the world researching the strange and unknown and then compiled all this information complete with sketches into his book; Aaron Hawke’s Guide to Mythical Beasts.

Enraged at this, the Vampire Lord Dominic slaughtered Aaron and his parents. Ethan arrived home late and caught Dominic in the act. He hid himself and was able to escape Dominic's attack. From that moment on Ethan dedicated himself to the eradication of every creature in his brother's book.

He began to only go by his last name with the hope that it would strike fear and terror into the creatures' hearts. He trained himself in every way to battle and kill the monsters that inhabited his world.

He has two katanna swords, a gift from a Samurai vampire hunter. Rumored to be folded so tightly that they can cut through any form of magic or magical beast. He also has throwing stars, a long knife, a grappling hook, a crossbow and a quiver full of silver tipped wooden arrows as well as plenty of silver shot for his arsenal of guns. Every weapon has been soaked in holy water. He can set expert traps, track monsters from nation to nation and has set up safe houses in ever country. His favorite weapon is his small sword Hell-Slayer. It has a thick tip that tapers down to it’s hilt. A flick of a latch and two smaller blades sprung out from either side. The weapon resembled a warped cross.

After his death Hawke's arsenal, safe houses, journals and maps of various creatures’ lairs were found by the man called Talin. Talin dedicated his life to following in Hawke's footsteps and called himself a "Hawke". Through the following centuries the Hawkes became the biggest threat against vampires, werewolves and any creatures of the unseen world.

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