Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Thirteen: The Shopkeeper

The firmness in Eliza’s voice grabbed their attention. “Roland, next time control your temper and focus.  He cannot harm us.  He has no wooden stake or any other weapon.  To properly mesmerize someone you must push your thoughts over theirs.  Push your will.  Now try it.” 

“Mister Shopkeeper, it’s not nice to bully others.  You should be more polite.” 

The man mumbled the word, “Polite.” 

“Now please go fetch that red ball.  Yes.  Thank you.”  Roland placed the money on the counter and continued with his practice.  “Now forget you ever saw us and... leave.  Yes!  Leave town.” 

“Roland, wait.  You can’t just tell him to--” 

Annabelle’s voice must’ve broken the trance because the shopkeeper’s eyes opened wide with terror.  Eliza spoke up quickly.  “The trance I put him under has completely broken.  He can see us for what we truly--” 

“You’re vampires!” His face white with fear, he shouted, “Vampires are in my shop!  I’m going to die!  Help!” 

Eliza blocked his exit and tried to mesmerize him.  “He’s too upset.  We must flee.” 

“Can we mesmerize him while he’s unconscious?” Annabelle asked quickly.


“Can we mesmerize him when he’s unconscious?”  A frantic fear turned her stomach upside down as the shopkeeper’s voice got louder and louder.  She rapidly glanced out the shop windows.  Someone had to hear him.


“Good.”  Annabelle sped around the shop so fast the shopkeeper blinked.  She picked up the wooden stool and hit him over the head with it.  He dropped to the ground with a heavy thud. 

“Is he dead?”  Roland asked while looking over his body. 


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