Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Blandia Blackburn


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Name Origin

Blackburn is Old English, meaning "black stream."

Physical characteristics:
Blandia appears in her mid thirties and likes to wear elegant clothes. She loves jewelry and enjoyed wearing lots of it. She applies her make up a bit thick. To Blandia, she appears beautiful but to her fellow magic user, Guarin, she seems to be trying too hard. She has to wear the dark green hood and cloak with a green and blue robe. These clothes represent her membership in the Order of White Warlocks. She doesn't want to wear them because she feels the style clashes and doesn't go with her shoes or make up.

Blandia is selfish at times, obsessed with her looks and attracting men. She is not beyond using her magic to "win" a guy over. She looked up to the leader of the Order of White Warlocks, Dagda. She has no problem with his successor, Guarin except she thinks he takes things to seriously. Blandia seems a bit flighty and not very level headed to others.

Blandia practiced white magic under the teachings of the immortal warlock Dagda. While not as quick a study as Guarin, Blandia did learn to take care of herself. Along with Dagda and Guarin, Blandia created the magical barrier that protected Eliza Pratchet, Annabelle and Roland Foresight, the small English colonial settlement of Jorgantown and the Mohegan Indian village.

Over the years Blandia helped her fellow members of Order of the White Warlocks, North American division. She was placed in Salem, Massachusetts to spy on the town during their infamous which hunts. Dagda knew it was dangerous and offered her the chance to not accept but she agreed reluctantly. Others close to her felt she really did it because she secretly cares for others. Dagda felt that outside forces in the form of the vampire lord Domi and his evil witch servant, Penelope, had a part in the paranoia. He was right but too late to help her. After Dagda's assassination by Domi's forces, Penelope framed Blandia and soon Blandia found herself in the Salem jail. Her best friend, the vampire Eliza, rescued Blandia from the hangman's noose with the help of vampire children Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Blandia fought in the first Battle of Jorgantown after the barrier fell.

Despite the fact that the Coven have always acted as police to the magic world, most white warlocks and witches remain in hiding. Hunted by Domi (or Dominic’s) forces for centuries, they operate in super secret covens across the globe. No more than three in each group and always on the move.

Blandia has a history of moving into a community, practicing her spells and potions and flirting with the local men. This has gotten her in a great deal of trouble over the years. Guarin helped Blandia take the Right of Ascendance, which if successfully completed, grants a warlock or witch immortality. It wasn't easy. After the Right of Ascendance, the witch or warlock is unconscious in a coma state for fifty years. 


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