Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Big Bad Wolves
Something big hit the carriage from the left and it whined in protest.  The wheels temporarily lifted off the ground, causing everyone inside to crash against the right wall.  A screech escaped Annabelle as she watched two large hairy man-monsters smash into the right side of the carriage.  Like a ship fighting the ocean waves, the carriage rocked to the left.  The horses bucked and neighed in panic as the four werewolves attacked.  She flinched as their sharp claws scratched down the sides of the carriage.
The slobbering snout-like face of one of their attackers glared in the window.  Covered in thick black fur with a red D shaped scar cut into his left breast, the strange beast-man snapped at Annabelle.  In a blur of white, Eliza was at the window.  She punched the werewolf with enough power to smash a piano.  The beast fell to the earth and immediately sprung back to its elongated clawed feet. 
Annabelle couldn’t resist the temptation to watch out the window.  She marveled at the incredible speed the creature had on two legs as it ran beside the carriage.  It appeared to be seven-feet tall.  Another attacker began to pull itself along the carriage.  Built similarly to the black one, it was covered in brown fur.  The monster growled as Annabelle pulled back the quilt. 
She scrunched her nose as the beast’s musky smell assaulted her.  Long pointed claws reached through the window.  Any minute the werewolf would pull itself inside and begin its campaign of murder. 


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