Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sept 28th 2012, A date that shall live forever in awesomeness. Part 2: Book Signing at Starry Night Books

Book Signing at Starry Night Books

It was fantastic! Several people arrived and bought books. I signed each one. A couple came because of my appearance at the Junior High. Some friends came from work as well.

The biggest surprise was that people who I never met before bought my books. I brought four Dark Births and sold five (one as a pre order). That means the novel that started everything is actually in someone elses' home!

The woman who bought a copy of Threats and Birth returned to have them signed. I spoke to children, teens and adults, explaining the story and what makes it special. Afterward they had me sign copies and bought them. I really hope they enjoy them.

Another woman mentioned that her son doesn't like to read due to his learning disability. Despite this, he can't put my book down. When I showed the original proof to my wife Janeen last year, she suggested a better paper shade and font size due to others with reading disabilities being able to see it better. I'm glad she did!

So everything worked out well! I've been invited to do another when Starry Night attends the Benson Grist Mill Pumpkin Walk on October 12th. More information to follow!

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