Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

It's Preview Day on Bite of Story Thursday. Today we're looking at what I'm currently working on.

Lately I'm editing Annabelle's "Book Two" or as it's currently called: DARK CHANGES (formally called Dark Trials).
Remember, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Anyway, sit back and enjoy...

Chapter Ten, Shanghaied At Sea
An old sensation stirred inside him.  It was a familiar.  Vampires were near.  Several approached from somewhere within the thick mist.  He looked back at Reginald.

“Yes,” Reginald replied with a smile, “Now you’re beginning to understand.” 

“Bloody hell.  What’s going on?” one of the crewmen asked, his gruff voice laced with fear .  He looked around to examine the strange fog as it surrounded the ship.  He ran to alert the other crewmembers.

Roland was alarmed, “Should we let him?  He’ll expose--”

“My friends’ arrival was never meant to be a secret.” 

The ship suddenly rocked back.  Loud voices called through the night air.  The heavy mist started to break away. 

With no noise to announce it’s arrival, a large ship sat on the south side.  It was painted black and reminded Roland of the carriage Eliza used back home.  The striking difference was the dark red that seemed to be stained all over the ship.  A closer look revealed that the stains seemed to be scratched into the wood.  It was clear by the inviting smell that it was blood.

Several strange figures dressed in buccaneer clothes jumped onto the ship.  The crew on deck was instantly killed as the oncoming pirates showed off their pointy fangs.  The men down below deck charged up, only to be assaulted by these fearsome creatures.

“They’re pirate vampires,” Roland couldn’t help state the obvious.

“We prefer the term Bloody-Buccaneers.  It has a sort of nice ring to it.”  Reginald grabbed a crewman who was running by and swiftly sank his teeth into the man’s neck.  He drained the man and dropped him to the ground in one swift motion.

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