Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Two : 1692 Witch Attack

Annabelle and Roland hovered nine feet in the air.  Each time they tried to escape, one of the witches sent blazing magical fire to block their path.

Roland landed and gently pushed Thomas behind him.  Annabelle did the same with Polly.  They had to escape but how?

Roland shouted, “If you hurt our friends I’ll make you sorry you left your cabin.” 

“Two lost children, victims to the harsh woods,” Gertrude coldly replied as she quietly moved towards them.  “Besides, it’s what they deserve for getting involved with creatures like you.” 

“They’re more human than you!” Polly shouted from her hiding place behind her big brother.

“Take that back, witch!”  Thomas shouted as he threw a rock towards the old woman. 

A cruel sneer crossed Gertrude’s wrinkled face.  She sent another hex bolt but it hit the bushes behind Thomas. 

Roland grabbed their friends and sped further back into the thick trees.  He pushed Tom and Polly behind some thick bushes for protection.  “Stay.”

Tom began to stand up, his shoulders squared and his brow knit.  “We’re not dogs.”


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