Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Once again, this Bite of Story Thursday will show something I'm currently working on. Keep in mind, any preview bits like this is due for changes upon future reviews.

This week we're previewing Myths!


Lyndi let out a surprised scream as something huge and green pushed her into a thick tree trunk.  She fell to the ground, dazed.

“Oh my stars and tree nymphs,” Frunz exclaimed.  “What is that thing?”

A locust the size of a rhino kicked the dazed Lyndi into another tree, knocking her unconscious. 

“That’s my best friend, you over grown cockroach!” Flitty sent several pixie-bolts at the bug, which made it back up.

Eli notched an arrow but before he could let it fly, another giant locust landed in front of him.  Its wings knocked him down, along with Heilgar and Celeste.

A third locust landed behind Frunz and Mark, prompting both to scream and duck for cover.  The large insect let out a blast of sticky goo which covered Flitty and plastered her against a tree trunk.

“Yuck!  Do you know how much this dress cost?”  She tried to pull out from the stuff but it held her tight.  “Little help here.”

“I’ll put you on my ‘things to do’ list,” Eli replied as he let several regular arrows fly.  One punctured a locust’s eye while two others pinned its wings to its body.

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