Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Wildes Blut Teir


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Other names: Wildes, slobber-puss, Wild Man, Blood Man, Wild Blood Man, Wild Blood Beast.
Wildes Blut Teir means "Wild Blood Beast" in German. When he met Roland Foresight for the first time, Fenroth mis-translated the name as "Wild Blood Man" due to his faulty German.

Physical characteristics:
Dressed in rags, smelly from his lack of hygiene, Wildes is unmistakable.  He has a small iron cage around his head with a small trap door to allow his mouth to stick out and bite his victims.  Most time the door is closed and only opened when his master allows it. There is an iron chain that drags from the back of the cage which allows Fenroth to restrain Wildes. He has crazy long hair that goes every which way.

Insane. He is absolutely crazy. This vampire has more in common with a wild animal than a human. He eats, walks and behaves in every way like a savage. While on the hunt he lets out a primal scream/laugh which strikes terror in the souls of his intended victims.


He has the standard vampire abilities. This means he’s faster and stronger than humans, his senses are extremely acute as are his reflexes. However he can not fly or transform. He cannot mesmerize others either. He cannot communicate with animals.

His tracking skills are stronger than most vampires and werewolves. His senses are stronger and more acute, allowing him to sense other vampires, creatures, humans and animals for miles around. He is second to his master, Fenroth. He can jump higher than most vampires and his brute savageness allows him to constantly hone his strength and agility. He is more agile than most vampires, including his master, Fenroth.

Known History:

No one knows how old Wildes is or when he was turned into a vampire. The master tracker vampire known as Fenroth heard reports of a wild man that feasted on blood in the Black Forest of Germany. The locals called him Wildes Blut Teir  for wild blood beast. Fenroth successfully captured Wildes after a vicious battle. Fenroth earned Wildes' respect when he lasted through the battle. Wildes Blut Teir would follow Fenroth anywhere because he knows it means a constant hunt followed by a tasty meal.

Where Wildes  is currently, that is if he's still around, remains to be seen.

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