Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Henry Dunston


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Physical characteristics:
Henry has brown hair and is in excellent shape due to the constant chores he must do on his father's farm. Like his younger siblings, Thomas and Polly, Henry wears worn hand me downs because his family has just enough to survive the harsh living conditions of Colonial America.

Pessimistic, kind off mature for his age because his father is always gone from the house to other colonies for his trading business. Henry has had to take charge. He doesn’t approve of his friend Roland Foresight's recklessness. Very cautious of the vampires living near the town. Doesn’t trust them completely.

Henry has the normal abilities of a child and later, a full grown man.

Known History:
Henry grew up in Jorgantown, Massachusetts. He has two younger siblings, Thomas and Polly. As a child, he spent most his time with his chores. In his era (the late 1600's to early 1700's) children did not attend school. Instead they were apprentices to their parents. For Henry that meant helping with the livestock and the crops. He would also travel to town for errands.

After two children from London England moved to town things became very stressful for Henry. He became fast friends with Roland and Annabelle Foresight but only knew them for a day before they were lost in the woods. Shortly afterward they reappeared at the Dunston's home and announced they were now vampires.

Henry was no fool. He knew vampires to be dangerous creatures. He could never truly trust them. After Annabelle and Roland introduced him to their adoptive vampire mother, Eliza Pratchet didn’t help his fears when the vampire Fenroth captured him. Even though Annabelle and Roland helped Henry's brother to rescue him from Fenroth, Henry couldn’t help but wonder if knowing Annabelle and Roland made his family targets.

There is much more to say on Henry but it would include spoilers for NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK BIRTH.

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