Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacay was OK

Hey there gentle readers!
We returned from sunny California with smiles on our faces and a desire for our own beds. A nice time was had by all. It kinds felt more like a visit than a vacation but I guess that's because it was.

We headed out early Saturday morning the 14th of July. The car was acting up a bit but all turned out OK. We drove out the entire day, stopping for breakfast and lunch as well as a trip to the Donner's Museum in the Sierra Mountains.

We arrived in Friant California (on the outskirts of Fresno) that evening. My family proceeded to spend the next three days with my parents and had a wonderful visit. My dad is getting older and my mother has major sight problems so as a family we rededicated ourselves to move to California some time in the near future.

On Wednesday we traveled to Santa Cruz and spent time with my sister. She showed us a redwood park with amazing trees and we relaxed on the beach during a beach party with live music.

That night Janeen got pretty sick so we left for home the next two days, staying in Reno, Nevada overnight.

All in all a good trip. We had some mishaps and some things occurred that I wish we did differently, but over all it was good seeing family again.

Now for pictures (of which I didn't take a lot).

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