Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday


Chapter Six: 1941

Skilled from many battles, Thomas used his talent for shape-shifting to morph into a black snake.  He slithered around an attacking werewolf’s legs.  The beast’s claws barely missed him.  Tom said, “I never planned to fight werewolves tonight.  This isn’t my idea for a night on the town.”

Annabelle sped around another werewolf, scratching at its side.  “We fight monsters every week.  Why should this week be any different?”

Tom bit at a werewolf’s ankle, and then moved away before the savage beast could connect with its claws.  “I’d rather fight a few dumb mutts anyway.  It could be worse.  At least Dominic’s chief enforcer, Hyde, didn’t try and kill us.”

Grace, in full werewolf form, leapt over another wolf and slashed his back with her inch long red claws.  “Or that monster created by Frankenstein.  He still gives me the creeps.”

Annabelle never could match Tom’s speed at transforming, but she did manage to morph into a bat before a werewolf could connect his claws with her chest.  She fluttered out of his long reach.  “Count your blessings after we beat these dogs, no offence, Grace.”

The only female werewolf present somehow smiled just before trading slashes with her opponent.  “None taken.  They are dogs.”

“Guys!” Roland shouted to his friends while avoiding Blood Reaper’s silver claws.  “Focus!  They’re trying to kill us!”


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