Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey there!
I've been pretty busy with life, not so much with writing. Between work, family and so on, the days are speeding by but not much has happened with my writing goals.

It's time to re-establish my goals and plans. I need to re-dedicate myself. I suppose that's the life of any author, to constantly learn to get back in the chair and bang away at the keyboard.

What's going on?
Night Children
The first book (Dark Birth) and the short story anthology (Dark Threats) are still available on Amazon and Barns &  Book Two needs a rewrite after some heavy reviews. There is a great deal I will keep, but some things just don't work. After I finish another manuscript for something different, I'll return to this.

"Another manuscript for something different". Those few of you whom have read Dark Birth have heard of the fantasy home of elves, fairies, fauns and unicorns called Farnalla. Myths is about a handful of runaway youth from that world, and their dangerous quest to the mythical land called "Earth". I've got eight chapters finished and several more to go. My goal has been to finish it before I return to Night Children.

Another story that features the multiverse, including characters from both the Night Children series and Myths. I want to write this sooo bad and I might play with it when I've having mental writers cramp.

So there you go. Also, I need to do more entries here. Coming soon is my review of the Avengers movie.

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