Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Servo Guardante


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Other names: Ol' Stinky, Smelly, Mr. Creepy

Name Origin: Watching Servant in Italian.

Physical characteristics:

Always hunched over, filthy, wild eyes, creepy smile, balding with pock marks and scars on skin and dressed in dirty rags.

Creepy, back stabbing spy who only serves his master and himself. Clever enough to know the value of escaping to live another day. Completely devoted to Dominic and will betray or kill anyone if it means gaining his master's favor.

Servo is a ghoul. If a vampire bites a human twice in rapid succession their physical and mental being becomes corrupted. They become stronger and faster than most humans. Their reflexes and senses are sharper. In short, they gain a small fraction of the power of a vampire. They cannot mesmerize others, fly or chance shape. The sun weakens then a fraction but does not burn them. Ghouls have long life spans but it is unknown if they can achieve the full immortality that vampires have. Most die in the service of their dark masters.

Known History:
At some point in the past Dominic found Servo in Italy and made him a ghoul. Servo has served Dominic for centuries, spying on Dominic's enemies across two continents and within many nations. He always puts Dominic first and travels a lot to fulfill his master's wishes. He mortally wounded Thomas Dunston, forcing Annabelle Foresight to turn Tom into a vampire. Most of Servo's dark history is so far untold.

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