Monday, December 05, 2011


Do you ever have one of those random moments of synchronicity where something happens that strangely links to a past event of your life? I did recently.

Last month my wife and I attended the annual Tooele Writer's Holiday Dinner.

Keep in mind, I've been with this local collection of talented authors since the first meeting at the local library. I showed up for that meeting because I wanted to meet local authors. After all those years of feeling like I was alone, it was nice to find others crazy like myself.

So I'm following the directions to the dinner when I stumble upon a shock. The author who is hosting the party just happens to live at Jeff Russon's house.

Who's Jeff Russon you may ask? Jeff was a 6th grade teacher for West Elementary ( a local elementary school).

After finishing my rough draft of what is now Dark Birth, I called the school librarian (an old family friend) and asked her if she knew any 6th grade teachers who would read it and give me advice. Jeff's name came up.

So with a belly full of nerves, I jumped into the deep in for the first time with this author job and called Jeff. He was thrilled to hear from me and we set up a meeting. It was in his kitchen I discussed my novel with the first stranger (not a friend, co-worker or family member). He read it, loved it but found oh so many things that needed improvement.

I eventually spoke to two of his classes. Jeff's an old friend now. He moved to Washington (the state) some time ago.

So imagine my surprise when I re-entered his house and even stepped into the same kitchen that started so much for me so long ago. I walked in there a self-published author, amidst other authors, for the purpose of a writer's dinner.

And the strangest thing of all? Dark Threats was on her shelf. In the same house where I swallowed my fear and took a chance at having someone look at Annabelle's story, her first published story sat on the shelf years later.

So weird. Cool. Awesome as all heck. But weird.


Roseanne's Spot said...

Not many of us have a chance to re-visit a past in a moment like that. So awesome!! And congrats on your first royalty check :) How cool is that??

Christina W. Cook said...

I'm glad that I volunteered to move the party to my house then! So you could have your experience! Pretty sweet!

Scott Bryan said...

Very cool Roseanne! Thank you for hosting the dinner Christina. It was very nice.

Jeff Russon said...

Hey, This is Jeff. That is a great story, and I am honored to have been a part of it! I didn't realize I was literally the first "stranger" you talked to about it. I hope I wasn't too harsh when helping with the first revisions. I saw the potential, and wanted to help. Don't you feel sorry for my elementary school writers? j/k
I'm thankful that Christina bought our house. It's interesting because afterwards my wife Gina and Christina became friends, "kindred spirits" if you will, and her family visited us up here in Washington.
Oh, and you didn't mention that I had the privelege of teaching your daughter. Thanks for remembering us little people, now that you are famous!

Scott Bryan said...

Thank you so much Jeff! You were the 1st outsider and no you were not too harsh. Heck, I wound up having harsher critics (Yes I’m looking at you Aprilynne, Chris from England, Kristy, members of Michelle’s crit group and of course Editor Jenifer) and they helped greatly too, so harshness is a plus.
There are no “little guys”. Everyone who has reviewed Annabelle has helped shape it to become better. I’m just grateful Leslie told me about you. And yes, you are Katelyn’s favorite teacher! She’s become a reading-monster, eating books up. And that’s thanks to you.
Anyway, have a good Christmas!