Saturday, November 05, 2011

Book Two Name Change again

Yes, once again I've decided to change the name of my 2nd book. Now to clarify, Dark Threats is a collection of short stories and NOT part of the ongoing numbered series. It's an addition to it.

Dark Birth is Book One. Any book that is published keeps it's title. I will not change the name of Threats or Birth.

Book Two is in the edit phase and is scheduled for release sometime next year. I'd had some trouble with it's name but recently my daughter Katelyn gave me a great idea.


There are some major life altering situations in the vampire children's lives. "Tribulations" seems to cover a broad collection of trials so as of this moment it fits best.

Pirate vampires! Shadow vampires! Lots of new characters! Love! Death! Watch for it next year!


WilyBCool said...

Glad to hear about a breakthrough!!!

Scott Bryan said...