Friday, January 21, 2011

Direction change

I've tried every thing. Critique groups, beta readers, reading out loud, reading to classes and a professional editor. I spoke with two agents and caused a certain degree of interest in them for Annabelle.

I tried very hard.

I just got the final rejection for awhile. The agents have good reasons to reject it. There are still things to rework. The problem is, I lack the strength to do this work. I still love Annabelle, but I can't bring myself to look it over again. I'm so very tired of it.

There are two choices available to me. 1) Give up writing/ take a break from writing, or 2) Try again with something else.

There have been moments when I've taken a break and tried to write other things. I think they're good but then I thought Annabelle was ready. So I'm going to try Myths. I'm going to go down that path, honing my writing and trying to get inspired for it instead.

 Annabelle, I'll miss you a great deal. I've spent 6 years with you and I wish things had been different.  There will be times it will hurt but I must move on.

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