Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorry about the break & catch up

Ah the life of a husband/father/writer/drafter/toy collector. Obviously busy, I tend to let this blog fall by the way side.

1. Edits on book one is finished. It's in Editor Jennifer's hands. She's doing the final edits and then she'll send it to me on September 28th. I trust her, but it's my baby! Ah well. It's the next step.

2. The Utah Writer's Roundup will be here next month. I'd love to go to the workshops but life and money gets in the way this year. I WILL be meeting those two New York agents, however.

3. Author J Scott Savage spoke to our group Thursday and gave all sorts of advice. I'll post it by itself next.

Lots of other stuff happened but that's good for now.

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