Monday, September 14, 2009

Tired of rejection

Really thinking about quiting. Guess I go through this a lot when faced with points of view opposite mine.

I received a rejection to that e-publisher. I was told my manuscript reads like a rough draft.
That hurt because I've given it to many people and changed a great deal along the way. I realize they've only seen the 1st chapter but what if they're right? They suggested I rewrite the whole thing.

Don't they realize I already did?

Someone told me I should have a paid editor look at it. I know that's good advice. I need a Content and substantive editor to see if this book is crap or if it can be saved.

I'm tired. No one can truly help. Others like it but they're not agents and editors.

In a sea of vampire romance, who gives a crap about young vampire adventure? And if after all that work it still reads like a rough draft, why try anymore?


TLH said...

I completely appreciate what you're feeling right now. I often get very discouraged, especially when faced with rejection by people who (supposedly) know what they're talking about. But never give up on your work. You've put your heart and soul on those pages, and it only takes one person to really get it and say "Yes."

I'm not an expert by any means, but I've been told I'm a pretty decent editor. I'd be glad to look at a few chapters and give you my opinion? If your work was published I would be a buyer, since I read anything with "vampire" on the first page, so maybe my input could help.

Feel free to email me ( if you're interested!


Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Thanks so much! I might consider your offer. I'm going to think on it.
Thank you for the kind words.