Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ok, feeling better

I posted the last blog entry on Absolute Write and received a lot of positive responses.

Don't worry guys, I'm feeling much better.

After a bunch of good replies I replied thus:

"Thank you. Everyone, thank you very much.
Writing is a funny thing. Once I finished venting my frustration I realized that I didn’t really mean to quit. As others have said, one (or many) negative opinions will not deter me. But I did need to hear other obsessed writers weigh in on the matter.

Smish, I didn’t ever think you were in it for the money. In fact I have nothing against you but instead have respect. You sound like you have a great dream and I commend you on it. My obsession is steering me to help/inspire/entertain children from 11 on up so chapter books are not in my path but my children love them. All the power to you. I hope you get your answers and continue to climb.

Thanks again, guys. I had a momentary drop in faith. Had them before and I will again. But it’s just turbulence ladies and gentlemen. We’re still on our journey and will be arriving at our destination, published land, at some point in the future. Feel free to move about the cabin.

I’m five chapters away from finishing the second book in the SERIES so I think I’ll finish it. Then I’ll start a new book with different characters because that’s the plan."

Not going anywhere people. I'm staying on this path.

My name is Jack Roberts and I'm an obsessed writer.


TLH said...

We are a kindred soul my friend. I'm so happy to find your blog. We're on the same journey, and I know we'll both find the same ending - publication!

People have gotten me down more than once. Then it took people to help me come back again.

Thank you for sharing your passion with us, and your pain. I'm right there with you!

Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...

Taanks for the kind words. May we both meet with success!