Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change in direction

Last weekend I was reading a wonderful
from lit agent Nikki Van de Car. I really enjoy these guest posters on the Brigade blog because they give a great deal of useful information.

During the interview Michelle asked Nikki...

Michelle: "What do you think of authors who have self-published? Is it a career breaker or does it depend on the number of books they've sold? How about any who've been e-published?"

Nikki: "I don't think of it as a career breaker. For a very small number of people, it can be a career maker, but most authors can't sell tens of thousands of copies of books they've self-published--and you're not expected to. When I see a query from an author who has been self-published, it tells me that he or she is dedicated. And in the case of e-books as well, it says they have some experience in putting their work out there."

Now I have no desire whatsoever of self-publishing but the concept of e-publishing has always intrigued me. My wife Janeen has discussed this with me recently and some time age my friend Willard did the same. In fact I've read in various agent blogs how it's the future.

My goal, ladies and gentlemen, has always been to follow this dream to it's expected destination. I knew very early on that Annabelle had to get out into the world. To meet that endeavor, I tried chasing after lit agents. To sell your book to a publisher you must 1st find an agent to represent you. I will continue to do this.

With the tough economy agents are picking fewer 1st time authors. So it might be awhile before Annabelle gets anywhere.

One thing I did not fully realize was that most authors start small. But starting with a tiny audience that grows with time and effort is better than standing still.

So I made the decision to try e-publishers. I chose one, carefully groomed a submission package and sent it out.

It's a two month wait on word and I know I should always expect rejection but I can't help but feel nervous.

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