Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indy 4, LOVED IT. Spoilers...

I saw it and I'm going to take a stand.

I am going to be unpopular right now. I realise it's popular to hate George Lucas. It's popular to go to certain movies super excited, sit there all pessimistic, judgemental with high expectations and expect perfection. It's popular to hate a movie and find fault, then join with everyone in bashing it.

I knew people would hate it. Did the movie suck? Sorry to disappoint you but it didn't. The movie was everything I wanted and more. The audience sucked. They didn't laugh at the funny parts or cheer at the cheering parts. They were all dead fish.

Sorry but I liked it.

High points...

1. Harrison back as Indy. Oh how great to see that again! In the warehouse, when he had to escape from the Russians and that Indy music started playing I realized something. A feeling erupted from my chest and grew out to fill my body. It was the suspense Indy watching feeling that I complete forgot. It's the feeling you get while watching one of his Indiana Jones films. Oh how great that was!

2. Shia as his son. I never would've thought the boy from Evens Stevens could do it but he can. I would love a series of Shia as the adventurer. I loved how he at first judged Indy then later looked at him in awe. I loved how he was scared and showed it but learned to use guts. I think it was very appropriate that at the end he did not take up the hat. It's like he's not ready but someday. I hope we see a couple more to show his learning curve.

3. Marion being back. She was the best leading lady and everything was appropriate for her return. I loved her attitude. She really portrayed the character realizing she missed Indy and loved being in another adventure with him. Everything she did made perfect since.

4. Lucas threw in the line! I cheered when Indy said "I've got a bad feeling about this." Indy did the Han Solo line! Sure, it's been in every Star Wars including the first 3, but it's special when Harrison says it. I loved the fact that now Indy said it, too!

There's just too much to say. Very good film. Sorry to disappoint the many pessimists, but I was OK with Shai's Tarzan bit. I was OK with everything.

It's OK. You pessimists will have plenty of people who over analyze and complain. You can lose one voice.

I liked it, I loved it, and the DVD and sequel cant come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this movie, Scott, but NOT quite to the degree you did.

I liked Shia, too, and didn't mind his swinging around on the vines. I didn't mind when Indy and his two sidekicks jumped out of the plane in Temple, either.

The movie was a good popcorn action movie. :)

Scott Bryan said...

That it was. :)