Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I feel like my future is changing in a bad way.

It just feels like my dreams to get Annabelle out into the world is just that, dreams.

What's the point? Everything is passing me up. It's not as if I'm sitting around, stagnant. I have been working on it. But I feel like I'm spinning my tires while others go farther.

Maybe my dreams are wrong? Maybe I'm too foolish to achieve these goals. Did I reach too far, too fast?


Anonymous said...

Scott, if you can't find a publisher a way to consider is to self publish. Yes, I know,that costs and as you say you have bills enough to choke a large troll. I've been there! I'm 54 and three of our five children have left home and support themselves. But I had to self-publish the first novel I wrote. There are ways of marketing it, and self-publishing is a growing movement. My novel was later taken up by VMI Publishers and is now commercially published, but that took time. I wish you well getting your characters into that world that exists, peopled by fictitious figures like Sherlock Holmes, Alice, the children in The Narnia Chronicles, Donald Duck and multitudes of others. I feel for any writer, because I know what it feels like. Best wishes.

Scott Bryan said...

Thanks for the kind words. Self-publishing has crossed my mind and I’m very glad it worked for you. The expense alone as well as distribution scares the crud out of me so I shy away.

At the moment my goals are to finish these huge edits, then retry various literary agents as well as a few publishers.

That wont be for awhile, though. Through a few fellow writers (some of them also serve as editors) I’ve found several problems that need fixing. I’ll keep at it, polishing it to be the very best before I give it to anyone.

It’s just so hard. Three and a half years and I’m still editing, changing and trying to get them out. I doubt if it will ever end.