Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Update on things

We saved the house. Now to get back to regular things and strive to keep things normal. At least what passes for it in our lives.

Tuesday night (all night) I was in the emergency room with my Katie. She has the stomach flu. She wasn’t improving (her blood pressure was dropping down and she remained pale despite a whole bag of water that went through her IV). They checked her in to the hospital and at 4:30 am (a ½ hour before I would get up for work) I went home to sleep for a bit while Janeen took over Katie Watch.
Later I took over and remained at the hospital till 7:30pm when she was released. She’s much better but we found out she’s anemic. They prescribed iron pills and sent us home.

Now I’m going to walk the dogs and then come home. If I have time to read some PV stories so I don’t get farther behind and so some of our fine writers get appropriate kuddos for their hard work, I will. Not sure if there is time. Another sad thing is that I just don’t have time to edit the book today. Several authors (including Stephanie Meyers) say to write every day and I didn’t do that today. Grr.

Speaking of Stephanie Meyers, with all that time at the emergency room last night, I was able to finish Twilight. It was a good book that kept me reading. I’ve observed a lot of showing instead of telling. This helps me in finding how I can show in my own way. I was disappointed with the ending, but a lot of that is because my muse has me thinking in one direction and she didn’t go that way. Just in time, Phillip Pullman’s The Subtle Knife (part two of His Dark Materials) arrived at the library. Now I can continue with that. Twilight’s sequel, New Moon, is due soon too.

I guess I’ll have reading material for my trip to California next week. For those of you out of the States, I live in Utah and California is two States away. My work is sending me to Huntington Beach (that’s Southern California) for training. I’ll have free evenings and besides looking for souvenirs and walking on the beach, I’m going to use the hotel guest computer to work on editing the novel as well as penning a PV story.

And that’s the news. :)

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