Saturday, August 04, 2007

Request for a full, hmm, worry...

I'm done with the 5th edits and now I'm submitting again.

I've got four email submissions out (two more back, instantly rejected), two more as snail mails and...

A full.

Not sure about this one though. Here's why and advice needed.

I was at the local fair and discovered an author signing her cook books. I asked who her agent was. She didn't have one but she gave me the name of a contact person for a small publisher here in Utah.

Cedar Fork Inc

I called the guy and talked of my book, my passion and the kids and betas who loved it. He's more than happy to look at the manuscript.

It's a small publisher, though.

As some of you might remember, I asked about jumping in with a small press.

Here's the link...

I'm still concerned. I've "only" been looking for a year and as you guys know, that’s small potatoes. Feels like forever. Still I hear about how authors start out with small publishers, then after a bit they sell to bigger ones. I believe JK and the Eragon writer both did this.

I want Annabelle everywhere, not just in Utah. It's for any young adult audience. Of course, it's not LDS and this small publisher seems to focus on LDS, so it'll probably be rejected. I did send in to Shadow Mountain last October. It was rejected.

I guess I still have fears that it wont get very far with a small timer and since I have no agent I will get shafted in the deal.

Yet I hear that it's easier to get an agent if you have a publisher already. Kind of like you've done their work for them. And I do need a foot in the door.

Look at me, putting the cart before the horse.

I put this in "Goals and Accomplishments" because it's kind of exciting to me that some one will be looking at the whole book. And this is the version where we begin in the thick of the main plot.

Wish me luck and if anyone has more advice on the good/bad of small publishers please let me know.

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