Monday, July 30, 2007

Too static part two

I posted the following on AW (Absolute Write).

It gives my feelings right now.


Thanks guys. Not a bad idea. He only looked at the first three chapters. Chapter one is constantly in motion, but two gives time to figure who the main characters are and the world they live in. Chapter three has them discovering the spooky plot.

Maybe I'll take the real changing event of the book and put it in the front. Maybe I should take that important second chapter of info, and spread it out.

I just don't get it. I read other author's books. I read their first ones, the ones that they sold and gained the agents and publishers from. I read those and I see boring second and third chapters with info dumps and everything else. How did they get accepted?
Meanwhile, people tell me they love my book and can't put it down, yet it gets rejected from agents again and again.

I've changed and changed and changed. I've been told to alter things by one beta to the point that it would no longer be my dream anymore. The kids liked it. People I only met through looking for betas liked it. Yet no agent wants it.

Maybe they're too picky? Maybe I'm not giving enough of the dream up? Maybe I have changed too much? Maybe I've changed enough? It took JK ten years from concept to publish. Will I be 50 when it's published? IF it's published? Am I fooling myself? Am I jumping the gun with my concerns?

Should I skip the agents? Should I write them all off as too jaded and untrusting and move onto publishers? But then I'll run out of publishers.

On one hand I believe this will make it. On the other I wonder if I'm fooling myself. I started to submit last fall and after several requests I'm still left cold. And I can't even trust what they say. One agent told me vampire fiction was past it's time, yet others wanted it and I see vampire fiction selling. So if I can't trust them, who can I trust? Maybe a interested agent who wants to give me a real chance is as real as the tooth fairy.

WHY do I feel, deep down, like this will be ok? WHY? Why is it so... dang...hard?


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