Friday, June 15, 2007

Caption the Pic… Fantastic Four II Tribute

Well, I saw FF II. I liked it better than Pirates 3 but not as much as Spidey III. I won't go into why becuase this is a spoiler free zone.

I DID like it, though.

Anyway, on to CTP. Last week's were captioned by; Visionary, Dan W, Gernot, japester, gonzo, HH, Wheelchair Rocker, BumblebeeZ3, j, Manga Shoggoth, Soul, Matty, Spackling Compound, Avian, Dr. Octagon, Greg the Bunny, Emerje, omike015, Red and Brainlock.

Thanks guys!

Here’s the caption site.

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No obscene captions please, kids are reading. :)
Here's this one, have fun.

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