Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stuff #2 The class

Tomorrow is the day I get to speak to a classroom of 6th graders!

I'm scared, because I've never done this before.
I'm excited, because I get to talk about my book!
Yes, I know. Writers are pretty self absorbed about their stuff.

Thing is, I'm no longer the green little writer who stepped off the finished novel bus, waiting for the first passerby to get swept up in my masterpiece.

See, I don't have a masterpiece. I don't have junk either. I've got a story several people like and enjoyed, but still needs work. Now that the 3rd edits are done and it's in the hands of a friend who is checking that the "I"s are dotted and the "T"s are crossed, so to speak, I'll be able to take her mark ups, change it and (maybe) it'll be ready.

Another online friend (who happens to be a teacher) gave the first two chaps to her class with a questionnaire. I got five responses back.
This was for the 2nd/3rd draft. It still had the Parker first hook chapter and a second chapter choking in description, POV swapping and over stating stuff. Tell, tell, tell.
A lot of what those kids said were problems Aprilynne and "Moth" pointed out. Stuff that Willard, Dani, Jeff and Mike saw and I had thought I fixed. Well after two major read troughs and some heavy fixing, I think those things are not only fixed, but some more things that Adam and Chris saw were changed as well. I had to cut some of Ian's ideas though. They wound up hurting Chapter two.

The version Jeff read to his class is just as out of date as the two chapters "Night Author" gave to her class. I wish this version was the one all those kids saw.

Now the book shows children vampires becoming teen vampires. What happens to your body (it's clean guys, I'm NOT that kind of author)? How do you feel when your body changed out of control? How does it throw off your vampire abilities? What does this mean to a girl who is over obsessed with being in control and always learning first? Now she's way out of control.
The Advancement is what happens to children vampires. It allows for their children bodies to catch up to their ages. It's supposed to happen a couple times, allowing the vampires to grow up. It occurs over day while they are asleep. For Ann, it's at age 14 and for Roland, at age 16.

Preteens and teens are facing growing up into strange out of control bodies. They can relate. If only the class could see THIS version!
But, at any rate I'll be talking to them about it.

I'm hoping to get a questionnaire to them. I reworked the one "Night Author" gave to her kids. Here is my version.

1. On a scale of 1 - 10, this is a ______.
2. Would you like it if Annabelle was 14 and Roland 16? _________
3. Should they age? ________________________________________________________________
4. The part I liked best was_________ because___________________________________________
5. This story would be better or more interesting if __________________________________________
6. I liked this book. Yes No Why? ___________________________________________________
7. Which character was most interesting and why? _______________________________________

So tomorrow's the day!

Again... ahem... GAHHHHHH!!!!!

Jeff has the questionnaires. He's going to give them out so I'll have them to work with after tomorrows class apearance. He said his kids really loved the book! That's the earlier revision, too! That gets me excited that the newer version will rock even more!

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