Saturday, February 17, 2007

My wife left me!

Made you look!
We just dropped her off at the airport.
We made a decision to try to move to California. This was decided last month. My wife is tired of working at home and would like to try the office life. I'm tired of the office life and would love to try the home dad thing.
So she started looking for work while I remained at my last job. We realized that we both should try, because the cost of living there is more expensive, so I put my resume on

Turns out Northern Utah is desperate for drafters. I wound up getting an interview for an SL architectural company and got the job. I start on the 26th.
Unless my sweetie gets her job.

See, I miss my family very much. They all live in central California while my wife's family live here in northern Utah. I've lived here since '83 but for the last 19 years I've lives far from my family.
Meanwhile, we live 30 miles away from a Charter school and the entire Utah school system sucks. They pass my learning disabled children by instead of teaching them on their level. If we remain, my kids will be left behind in their education.
My wife might still be able to progress but she's fighting a bad rep that her family have caused.
These are all reasons why we feel it's time to move.

She got three options in central California. One's with a Charter school, doing accounting. Two others are with the city of Merced. One as a County clerk assistant and the other is an accounting job. She is set to appear in Merced, California on Tuesday at 10 am for a job interview. If she gets one of those jobs, we're moving.

So we just bid her goodbye and now we get a week without her while she spends time with my parents and goes to the interviews.

*Crosses fingers*

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