Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Locked out!


The stupid dead bolt on my front door is a bit loose. Sometimes it locks on it's own.
This morn' after returning from dropping off the kids at school, I went inside, dropped my keys on a night stand type piece of furniture, set the dogs free from their kennels and promptly closed the door to keep the cats inside while the dogs went pee outside.
After the dogs were done I discovered that I was locked out. Oh I had made sure that the main lock was unlocked, but forgot to grab my keys in case the dead bolt tricked.
Outside in a coat, pajamas and tennis shoes, I walked around trying windows. My in laws don't have a key to that lock (they will!) and my cell was inside.
I had to try a window that needs fixing and it broke. I got in and then let the dogs in through the front door.
I made copies of the dead bolt key and called the window guy to come estimate the window.
So much for two hours of novel fixing.
Ah well.

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