Sunday, December 03, 2006

Full Moon

Oh glorious orb of light. Oh great glowing champion of the night.
I walk my dogs in the crisp night air, looking upward at that beauty. It draws my attention like the porch light draws the moth.
I can't get enough. As my glasses fog and the chill rubs my cheeks, I find my eyes focusing on the glorious orb.
I see the marks of it, across it's surface like some strange map. I roam is shape, bask in it glow and stand transfixed by it's wondrous power.
Oh great moon, bringer of light in the darkness, I feel your pull.
I could watch you all night.
I could sit under your light and create a story that would otherwise remain trapped in my mind, unborn.
Roam moon. Roam the sky above and inspire!


D, the vampire novelist said...

Great Poem! you should write more!

Jack Roberts, Annabelle's scribe said...


My wife wants me to write her one.

Now to just think of something...