Saturday, December 02, 2006

Scroogeistic Pessimism sucks!

So there I was, trolling through the Absolute Write web site when I found a thread about Santa Clause. Apparently this guy doesn't believe and asks people why they keep teaching about Santa.

Well, I'm not going to go into that right now, but reading so many pessimistic people's opinions on that thread just made me mad. I know, I know, they have a right to cram their depressed opinions down our throats. So this morn I was checking out Raving Toy Maniac's site and there are people dissing the movie Polar Express.
When I watch it, the movie fills me with a great uplifting feeling.

Am I gullible? Am I stupid and my simple brain filled with too much glitter? Maybe I should stumble around, mumbling about every little thing, casting good messages of hope and love for my fellow man away? Maybe I should just ignore any positive uplifting stories and ideas and instead embrace apathy or a pessimistic attitude?

So if being positive and optimistic is foolish, and being negative is logical and correct, then where do all the dreams go? Where does the creativity go? If you can no longer hope, why try? If you don't try, nothing wonderful will be created.

Why is it so popular to think in a pessimistic way? Do these sad, lonely, depressed, self loathing people even know the definition?

pes·si·mism [ péssə mìzzəm ]
1. tendency to expect worst: a tendency to see only the negative or worst aspects of all things and to expect only bad or unpleasant things to happen.

There is more than one side to everything. You can't focus on just the negative on concepts like Christmas (commercialism, crowded stores, etc). There is good too (helping others, child like faith in people, putting differences aside and sharing a loving feeling).
There are good things in movies, art, school, work, LIFE! You have to see the good side too, even if all your peers think it's cooler to grouch about everything.

OK, rant is done.

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