Monday, December 04, 2006

The class like it!

My teacher freind, Jeff, is reading my novel to his 6th grade class. I was scheduled to talk to the class this Friday, but he's still got a ways to read (it is 450 pgs after all). We've set my appearance back to January. That's cool with me becuase I want them to read a lot of it before I show up.

Anyway, I called him yesterday to check in and find out what the kids feelings and reactions were to the story.

They love it! The boys cheered "cool" during the part where the parents died (lol) and when vampire children found out they could turn to wolves.
The kids are asking for it and want to get to the next parts.

I was at the store on the cell when he told me the kids reactions. I did a dance right there!

"She's" doing it! She's getting more people to like her.

Oh agent! Where ARE you?

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